I'm a PhD student at Michigan State University, working with Steve Zepf. We conduct multiwavelength analysis of ultraluminous X-ray sources in extragalactic globular clusters.

My research projects have included X-ray studies (specifically Chandra and XMM-Newton) of these sources, as well as UV photometry with Swift and optical spectroscopy with multiple telescopes, including SOAR and Gemini. Most of my code for making measurements off of optical spectra are publicly available as github repositories.

I also have been using Swift UVOT images of NGC 1399 to see how many known globular clusters have associated UV emission, and am also working with others to characterize the low mass X-ray binary population of edge-on spiral galaxies.

In 2017, I was able to go observe in person at the SOAR telescope on Cerro Pachon in Chile. You can see photos of the moutain and telescope here. I also have pictures from the historic Mount Wilson Observatory here.


Email: kcdage$@$msu.edu


Office: 4260 BPS

Mailing Address:
Biomedical and Physical Sciences Bldg.
567 Wilson Rd, Room 4260
East Lansing MI 48824